Shuttles to Mammoth from $99

6 Pick Up Locations to choose from in Los Angeles, Orange County.


So you’re planning a ski or snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain!
Who wouldn’t want to visit one of the most spectacular Alpine Skiing Mountains in the world?
Breathtaking mountain views, massive snowfalls of 30+ feet, over 3500 acres of ski-able terrain, amazing village, and friendly people!
But you have a problem…
The ski resort is a discouraging 300-mile journey, which usually means you’ll be crammed in a car full of buddies for the next 5 hours. Great times? Yes. Comfortable? We hope so, but probably not.
Now to make this journey worth the effort you’ll probably stay a few nights which starts with booking an Airbnb or hotel room. And while there are plenty of fantastic places to stay the night in Mammoth Mountain, during times of demand, rooms can be quite expensive and unavailable.
First off, booking a room shouldn’t be the focus of your trip.
You should be the focus of your trip.


Here at LA Mammoth Bus Co., we know you didn’t begin planning your trip thinking about bus companies and planning your transportation.
You’re not sitting there daydreaming about riding in one of our big comfortable buses.
You’re daydreaming about the experiences and memories. Having an amazing ski trip to visit Mammoth Mountain, alone or with family and friends!
We make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing and take out all of the guesswork and difficulties. Planning a ski trip for yourself or a large group can be time-consuming and sometimes there are just too many hoops to jump through and hidden information.
Our goal is for you to keep daydreaming, and then live that dream out on the slopes.
Additional taxes? Hidden fees? Nope!
Secure and simple online credit card payments? Yep! Through Eventbrite, The top-level security in the payments industry.
Have an iKon Pass? Perfect! Get as many trips as you can each season.
Top-quality transportation? Absolutely. Best drivers, with decades of experience.
5-Star service? Every single day of the week. (Limited to Saturdays and Sundays for now)


Each of our charters is round-trip, prices are as shown. All of our buses have two levels, the first level (under the bus) stores lots of equipment and extra gear for all your belongings, giving you plenty of room and comfortable seating on the upper level. 
No additional costs for bringing extra gear or luggage!

1-day Trip Itinerary

Pickup locations are conveniently located near parking structures with ample room for unloading and loading gear.  Ways to get here include a ride from someone you know, driving yourself, or catching an Uber. Our bus will be easily located for you to find. 

Once all your gear is on board, the journey begins. The drive will typically take 4-5 hours depending on road conditions. We will make one stop for snacks and a restroom break (though there is one on board). We recommend you get as much sleep as possible during this time.

Your bus will arrive at Canyon Lodge. There are lockers and restrooms conveniently located inside the lodge for you to change into your ski/snowboard gear. 

PRO TIP: Be wearing thermals or light clothing so you can just throw on your jacket and pants (on the bus) and hit the slopes right away!

This is it. The moment you’ve been patiently waiting for. You’ll have 8 hours of free time to ski and snowboard on best snow terrain California has to offer. Our drivers will be sound asleep so that they can take you safely home. 

PRO TIP: If you’re done riding before 4:30 PM head over to Canyon Lodge and take a trip on the gondola to the Village. You’ll find plenty of great places to eat, drink, and relax.

Our driver, who is now well rested and ready for the journey back, will meet you at the designated pick up location. There’s only one rule we have: Leave no man, woman or child behind. The drive back will be around 5-6 hours and one stop in between for a quick break.

Our buses safely return at around 10:30 PM to the same location you were picked up from. 

The 1-day Trip

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